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Max Icardi - personal trainer

Max is lid van het FTN sinds 2008 en tevens ook de oprichter.



"I've been in the Health&Fitness industry for the past 10 years, where I grew a Personal Training business based on an holistic and functional approach. As this proved to be a very successful formule, I've founded in 2007 the Functional Training Network, a company of independent exercise professionals who share the same vision about health & exercise. Today the Functional Training Network operates in 3 countries and can count on a team of 21 highly skilled trainers plus a consistent number of partners in different fields (coaching, nutrition, revalidation...). Beside the management of the network and the coaching of my clients, I teach in various courses for Personal Trainers and regularly give seminars around health topics."

BSc.Hon.Sports Medicine  - University of Glasgow

EREPS Level 4 Certified Personal Trainer

Xco™ Walk&Run Master Trainer

+32(0)474 628 152

Functional Training Lille

Houtzijde 103 - 2275 Lille |

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